Properties Of “CAPLON” NYLON-6

Impact Resistance:

Nylon-6 is used in high performance applications due to its superior mechanical strength specially impact strength. In high speed machinery & also in many industrial applications metal parts are replaced by Nylon-6 due to light weight & thin/compact features. Nylon-6 is a tough resin and it is unique that its impact strength can go up multifold due to reinforcement say by glass fiber/special minerals & many other materials. Impact strength can also be enhanced of moulded parts by hot water annealing for 3-4 hrs to accelerate the process pf water absorption. Even at temperature conditions below 0 degree Celsius the notched & unnotched impact resistance of “CAPLON” Nylon-6 remains at high level.

Oil Resistance:

For automotive components, the usage of Nylon-6 resin is widely used due to its excellent resistance to oil & Gasoline.

Heat Resistance:

One major feature of Nylon-6 is very precise or sharp melting point. At temperature below melting point, material is solid & temperature above melting point, material becomes highly fluid in nature. The high melting point 220 degree Celsius makes Nylon-6 suitable for high temperature applications. For short exposure, it can work up to 140-160 degree Celsius range, however for long period exposure it can work safely up to 100 degree Celsius. Addition of various stabilizing agents & reinforcing material, Nylon-6 displays a higher heat distortion temperature and delivers a long service life.

Abrasion Resistance:

Superior resistance to abrasion is must in material used in machine moving parts like bearings, gears, sliding parts & rods. Nylon-6 got excellent abrasion resistance & is widely used in moving machine parts.

Weather Resistance:

Although Nylon-6 resin are used in exterior applications & have good weatherability however direct exposure of sunrays or ultraviolet rays affect mechanical properties like tensile strength & break strain. Thus incorporation of various additives & even carbon black pigment gives improvement in weather resistance of Nylon-6.

Solvent & Chemical Resistance:

The special molecular chain that Nylon-6 is composed exhibits a good resistance to aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbons, to Ketones, to Esters, to Alcohols & to organic acids with exception of formic acid. They have limited resistance to strong acids, phenols & metal chlorides. Chemical Resistance of a crystalline material is generally little higher than that which corresponds to the amorphous product.

Adherence & Mouldability:

The complicated injection moulded or extruded parts can be fused together or bonded together to make final assembled product by ultrasonic welding or vibration welding.

Due to superior physical, chemical & rheological properties, Nylon-6 is having excellent moulding & extrusion capabilities & covers a wide spectrum of complicated parts in various shapes.

Flammability & Electrical Properties:

“CAPLON” Nylon-6 products exhibits high level of electrical properties like CTR(Comparative tracking resistance), Dielectric strength & also surface/volume resistivity. The Electrical properties vary with temperature, humidity & also with specific grades. However it fulfills critical application requirements. Therefore Nylon-6 is widely used in all type of connectors, MCB housing & switches, bobbins & many other applications of Electrical/Electronic appliances & systems.

The flammability rating of “CAPLON” Nylon-6 is done as per UL94 classification & unmodified, unfilled grades are rated V-2 & reinforced grades are rated HB. There are unfilled & filled grades with halogenated & non halogenated flame retardant additives which are CUSTOM MADE as per requirement of customer to suit their specific requirement, and these grades are V-0 at 1.6 mm thickness.